Benefit from Our Knowledge of Fire Safety Codes in Texas

Let us work with you to keep costs low on your construction project. Reach out to the design team at Central Fire Protection. Down the line, you’ll be installing a sprinkler system to safeguard against fire damage. To provide value-added service, we ask you to get in contact with us during the early stages of a project so we can share our familiarity with building and fire safety codes in Texas.

Access to the Latest Building & Fire Codes

Because of what we do, we know the local people and requirements. Our people keep in regular contact with local officials and have a library of their local codes and amended codes to the International Building Code (IBC) as well as the International Fire Code (IFC).

Over the years, we have learned when developers or general contractors involve us at the beginning of the project; it saves time, trouble, and money. With our expertise in fire protection technology, we decrease added work and expense for our clients. When your engineers understand what we’ll be doing to install a fire sprinkler system, we can all work together to reduce costs and speed your project along. Call us to talk specifics about fire and building codes.