Capable Sprinkler System Installation in Texas

Reach out to Central Fire Protection for successful sprinkler system installation in Texas. As a company specializing in this industry for decades, we ensure success with customization, commitment, and dedication.

Preventing Problems on the Job Site

We start with a N.I.C.E.T (national institute for certification in engineering technology) team of certified designers that know what to build to meet your needs for a fire sprinkler system. With well-designed equipment in hand, it’s time for installation. With our experience, we realize every project deserves the proper manpower. From the very beginning until the last day of the project, we recognize how crucial it is to have enough people on-site overseeing the various aspects of the project.

It is our strategy to have sufficient project managers, superintendents, foremen, and pipefitters, along with apprentices, overseeing every project to ensure proper management. With this strategy, delays are minimized to the benefit of all parties involved.

After installation, be sure to follow up with us for regular inspections and maintenance. With attentive service, you can count on your fire sprinkler system to function as it should if an emergency were to arise. Ask us for a free quote on installing your new sprinkler system.